xfc Offers Hasan a Stern Warning Before Kanye West’s Adina Rosa Broadcast


xQc offers Hasan a stern warning before Kanye West’s Adina Rosa broadcast

According to reports, streaming personality Adin Ross, who was recently seen with people like Kai Senat, will interview controversial rapper Kanye West.

The unlikely pair emerged after West’s appearance in Alex Jones’ Info Wars and suspension from Twitter.

As West continues to interact with a number of streamers and podcasters, the Twitch xQc streamer shared his view on the situation with Hasan, who followed West’s actions live and even discussed moderating the interview.

xQc tells Hasan that this is a “completely different game”

During xQc’s broadcast on Twitch on December 3, he gave harsh advice to Hasan regarding Kanye West’s upcoming appearance on Adin Ross’ Twitch channel.

“Yo Hassan, this is a warning to my boy Hasan. I’m telling you, bro, I know you can tolerate hate and all that, dude, but this is a completely different game,” xQc explained to Hassan.

The streamer continued: “I wouldn’t get involved in that, okay, because if you try to moderate and be part of the conversation, people will say, “Guy L,” “Guy sleeping,” “Annoying guy.”

“They will start sending in hate, where it will become absolutely unbearable. I’m telling you, dude, a lot of their viewers, sorry, dude, see these guys as idols because of the music they create, and they don’t care about anything else,” xQc added.

Adin Ross’ interview with Kanye West has not yet received an official time and date, but it is expected to happen in the coming weeks.


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