Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What to do after completing the game


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the third game in the JRPG franchise from Monolith Soft, and after completing the main storyline, players can occupy themselves with a variety of tasks. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a unique storyline and characters that recall some of the events that occurred in the first and second games. Only the passage of the main plot can potentially take more than 70 hours, and almost as much content players can experience after passing Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

For those who want to go through the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with 100% completion, the amount of time it will take to finish everything is significantly more than just trying to experience the whole narrative. During the initial passage of the game, players will focus on the plot content, while having the opportunity to perform side quests, collect rare items, defeat numerous animals on each map, and much more. Players will most likely be able to complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3 at 100% in about 150 hours or more.

Several actions will be unlocked after the players finish the plot of the main game, and the depth of the endgame content will be different. For example, swordsmen can change the appearance of their weapons to Monado through the fashion menu by selecting a new nozzle. The Monado is the main character’s weapon from Xenoblade Chronicles 1, and its design is recognizable by an even larger number of fans thanks to the inclusion of Shalka in the Super Smash Bros. series. In addition, players can also change the accessories of the Heroes after completing the game and adjust their level in various recreation areas. Lowering the level of the character will allow him to earn bonus experience, and for increasing the difference in level, you can get more experience points.

What to do after passing Xenoblade Chronicles 3

After completing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players will be able to unlock two additional heroes, Melia and Nia. Go to “?” an icon at the main gate of the castle on the first floor to trigger an event that unlocks Melia. Similarly, go to the “?” section of the icon in the Hall of Serenity to trigger the event that unlocks it. After the relevant events, players can hire these heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Finally, the “New Game+” is unlocked after completing the game, in which players can start the story from the beginning, while each of their characters retains their current earned level. Some elements will be temporarily disabled until those parts of the story are reached again. Before starting the “New Game+”, players should think about further leveling up and unlocking the remaining heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


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