Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to increase the level of interconnection


Staying true to the legacy of the giant robots of the Xeno franchise, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 presents Ouroboros. Ouroboros is formed by combining two characters, such as Noah and Mio, who merge into a giant mech for a limited time on the battlefield. Ouroboros’ attacks are slow and cumbersome, but they can unleash powerful attacks.

Ouroboros becomes available in Chapter 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, after which players will have access to most of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 combat system. This includes conventional arts, fusion arts, and chain attacks. However, in order for Ouroboros to become effective in combat, players need to perfect a certain set of actions in order to fully utilize the power of their mechanical forms.

Communication Level in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are many systems involved in the Xenoblade 3 combat system. It’s easy to get confused about the mechanics of all this, but the system isn’t as complicated as it might seem when everything starts to fall into place.

After an exciting video introducing the Ouroboros, players will need to get used to using them in battle. When activated, they are very strong and can launch devastating attacks. However, in order to take full advantage of the mech’s capabilities, its interconnection level must be raised to a maximum of 3.

Increasing the level of interconnection in battle

To raise Interlink levels, the team needs to use Fusion Arts in combat. This means that the group in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 needs to activate Master Arts. There are four art trees on the battle screen on the left and right. In the left part, the studied Art Workshops are stored, and in the Right — ordinary Art.

Players need to use Fusion by holding ZR and matching opposing abilities when both sides are fully charged and ready to use at the same time. This combines both arts into a more powerful attack.

The image above shows which Arts players must match to activate the Fusion Arts represented by wavy lines connecting the powers. Using these Arts in battle will raise the level of the Interlink Ouroboros from zero to the third. If the Interlink level reaches level 3, it will mean that the Ouroboros form will last longer and allow them to carry out more powerful attacks.

Using the first Fusian command

If someone wants other team members to also use their Ouroboros forms in Xenoblade 3 battles, the player needs to execute the Fusion First command. The instructions for this are as follows:

Wait for the battle to begin. Holding down the ZL button, the Fusion First command will appear on the art tree on the left. Click the right arrow button. Keep this team active if you want other members of the group to change at will.

This is all players need to know about upgrading Interlink to 3 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is recommended to use Interlink abilities on strong enemies and bosses. It is easier to rely on the basic attacks of weaker and smaller enemies.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is already available for Nintendo Switch


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