Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Guide to the Flaming Hours


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has many interesting and powerful mechanics that players can use to gain an advantage over their enemies, but few mechanics are as closely connected to the plot as Flame Clock. Players wishing to play this highly acclaimed installment of the Xenoblade Chronicles series will gradually receive various mechanics throughout the passage, with the first important mechanic being the Fire Clock. Essentially, the Fire Clock acts as a killing mechanic and timer for the player.

The story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is based on the meaning of life. The game doesn’t look at it purely on a philosophical level, mixing both narrative and philosophical nuances of what it means to take and lose a life on the battlefield with a mechanical system that players can interact with. In the narrative, individuals and colonies take the life force of fallen enemies on the battlefield to fuel the colony’s Ferronis. In the gameplay, players will earn points for their fire clocks by defeating enemies on the battlefield. The more energy left in the watch, the higher the player’s stats, which encourages them to commit murders when the player’s group travels the world.

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For the most part, players shouldn’t worry too much about the Fire Clock during the first chapter of the game. At such low levels, players will naturally keep the fire clock in good condition by simply completing side quests in parallel with the main story. Even when players begin to encounter the last battles of the first chapter, the Flaming Clock will naturally charge for players to gain experience.


Everything You Need to Know about the Flame Clock after Chapter 1 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

At the end of the first chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Fire Clock retreats from a mechanical system to a purely narrative idea. This is due to the fact that Guernica Vandham releases the player’s squad from the Flaming Clock during their battle with a Mysterious Entity. After these events, players will no longer have fire watches to recharge. After their fire clock disappears, players will gradually gain many new features to equip numerous members of their group in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The loss of Flame Clock doesn’t really affect the rest of the game in a mechanical sense, but acts well as a motivation tool for the nagging Keves and Agnus. And since players have little taste for this limitation faced by these military colonies, it helps anchor the narrative as the player’s group continues to unravel the many mysteries of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


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