Xenoblade Chronicles 2: A Really Open World


We detail the elements that make the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so special and immense. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can be a difficult game to tackle in some ways. The plot, which does not measure up to previous Tetsuya Takashi works such as Xenosaga or Xenogears, flows inconsistently and almost accidentally at times and is loaded with teenage topics from manga and anime culture, making it simple and loose in enough points.

Furthermore, as mentioned by Uxio P.R. in DNA Games [1], certain scenes or dialogues are uncomfortable due to the clearly sexist overtones they give off, since they humiliate the woman or place her in a situation of servitude. Despite all this, critics have given Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a score of 83 out of 100 in Metacritic, while users give it a more generous 8.7 out of 10 and in Meristation we give it an outstanding 9.2. So high score in a game with such an upgradeable story?

A truly living world

The beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 presents a small tutorial on the back of a titan where we will learn how to fight. After this, we will visit a limited section of the mercantile city of Bocáurea, which may mislead us into believing that the limits of the world are quite small. But this conception will change radically when the plot leads us to investigate the vast fields of Gormott, one of the main titans that we will visit during our adventure. The mere size of this scenario would be enough to leave us open-mouthed, but after a few hours of exploration we will realize that its magnitude is even more colossal than expected.

And is that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 not only has huge worlds, but they are also full of mysteries and secrets. Throughout our adventures we will find subtly hidden areas that we could ignore without realizing that they exist, but that contain enormous and majestic scenarios behind them; Or perhaps we realize that when the tide of clouds rises or falls we can gain access to completely different places. That without counting the secret areas, which will be a challenge to discover but that hide true treasures inside …

What makes the Titans (representing the terrain through which we can move and explore) teeming with life is that they are not simply solitary areas, but are teeming with wildlife of all kinds, both hostile and peaceful, as well as areas collection, treasures and paths that will only be accessible if we have a certain skill or if a character is in our team … in other words, it is a highly interactive world in which there is much to do. And, as the story progresses and more members join the roster, the Titans will reveal more and more of their secrets …

Worlds that make us grow

The central idea around which the plot of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 revolves is the symbiosis between some human beings, called Pilots, and some immortal warriors who are able to grant them abilities when they fight alongside them, called Blades. At first we will only have one Pilot, Rex, and his Blade, Pyra, so our options will still be quite limited.

However, as we level up or make certain milestones, we will complete the afigram of our Blades. And what is an afigram? It is a skill board that allows our companions to grow and acquire skills according to certain requirements of various kinds. For example, for many of them it will be necessary to increase the relationship of trust between Pilot and Blade; for others, we will have to cook their favorite food or make them read their favorite book; in other cases we will need to complete missions, etc. It will even be necessary to hold conversations in specific areas to get to know them better, or to help them discover their innate talents.

The interesting thing about all this is that the skills that a Blade acquires after meeting all these requirements will not be limited to better combat, but will also help us to explore the world. For example, we may find a lake where diving is possible, but for this we will need the Mastery of Water and Constitution level 3. If among all the Blades that accompany us at that time, the requirements are not met, we will not be able to dive into the water and we will be unable to discover what lies beyond (a secret area, perhaps?).


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