Xenoblade 3: The best classes for each character


Each Xenoblade Chronicles 3 character has several favored classes. While all six main characters are equally strong while at the exact same individual Class Rank, they advance at completely different paces. This means that there will be obvious outliers and combinations when not endlessly grinding for class points.

There are a total of 25 classes throughout Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is highly unlikely players will fully master all to rank 20 just by playing the main story. However, this does incentivize diving through New Game Plus several times.

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Outside of individual character recommendations, each class also belongs to either the Kevesi (circle icon) or Agnian (diamond icon) combat style. Assigning Master Arts is restricted to classes from the opposing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 nation. So even if a learned Master Art sounds great on paper, when making a build it will be impossible to equip on half the classes.

Character Specific Class Aptitudes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Each character gains Class Ranks for the 25 classes at a different rate, known as Class Aptitude. This feature can be further inspected by pressing the ZR button on Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s class change screen. When the party first learns a class from a Hero ally, one of the six party members will become the Inheritor and have the highest S rated Class Aptitude. Characters that have the lowest D rating with a class can instead use the Foster Class system: the more members of a class in the active party – including any Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero seventh party member – the faster all characters gain class points and new ranks for said class.


Inheritor/S Aptitude Classes: Swordfighter, Flash Fencer, Guardian Commander, Stalker, Royal SummonerD Aptitude Classes: Ogre, Incursor, Signifier, Seraph, Lifesage, Thaumaturge

Noah has a slight preference for the Attacker role, while being less inclined toward being a Healer. Flash Fencer winds up one of his strongest classes, but Ethel will be absent for portions of the main story denying her foster bonus. Instead, one should prioritize Guardian Commander and using Xenoblade Chronicle 3’s Zeon often.

Due to the Keves-Agnus restrictions, players will want to temporally switch Noah’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3 class into the Agnian Zephyr to learn both Wide Slash and Glow Ring. These are merely filler attacks, while the main goal is to eventually gain Shield Wall and Mighty Beat from Lost Vanguard. The former recovers hitpoints when guarding, while the latter increases aggro generation.


Inheritor/S Aptitude Classes: Zephyr, Troubadour, Lifesage, ThaumaturgeD Aptitude Classes: Stalker, Royal Summoner, Medic Gunner

While Mio begins Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as a Defender, she winds up favoring more Healer classes later on. Both Troubadour and Thaumaturge wind up being great options. The former has better buffs, while the latter can double as a damage dealer.

As both classes are Agnian, the Kevesi Master Arts selection is identical. As part of the main story, Noah will teach Mio the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Swordfighter class; train it enough to reach rank 10 for Shadow Eye which will reduce current built-up aggro. Once Valdi arrives as a Hero, Mio should switch over to War Medic and learn two Master Arts: Advanced Cooldown – a defense boosting buff, and Multi Blast which heals a single target at range.


Inheritor/S Aptitude Classes: Heavy Guard, War Medic, Soulhacker, SigniferD Aptitude Classes: Tactician, Yumsmith, Strategos, Full Metal Jaguar, Machine Assassin

Lanz is surprisingly balanced with S Aptitude for one Defense class and two Healers. Soulhacker is one of the most diverse classes in the game, able to switch roles and even mix together lots of Kevesi and Agnian arts. However, this sub-system can get overly complex, making both War Medic and Signifer much more reliable Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes.

Because each of these Healer classes is of a different nation – Keves for War Medic and Agnus for Signifer – players should quickly invest in both of them. Advanced Cooldown and Multi Blast are just as good on War Medic as they were on Troubadour for Mio. From Signifer, players will want to advance in ranks for Aureole which gives a random buff, and Resonant Flag which can spread all of Lanz’ buffs to the entire team.


Inheritor/S Aptitude Classes: Ogre, Yumsmith, Martial Artist, Machine AssassinD Aptitude Classes: Lone Exile, War Medic, Lost Vanguard

Sena has four Attacker classes as her max S Aptitude. Ogre is surprisingly powerful throughout the whole game, but may take longer to reach rank 20 due to no corresponding seventh Hero with the class. Players should instead decide either on Martial Artist or Yumsmith depending on if they are using Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Riku & Manana or Ghondor in the Hero slot.

Players should level up both as all of the best Master Arts can be equipped on Ogre. Martial Artist will grant two powerful Master Arts: Impulse Wave deals more damage for each enemy engaged (capped at 200%), while Jackal Claw almost always deals critical damage. Yumsmith provides mostly debuffs on the enemy: Energy Grenade will inflict Blaze status on a group of foes, while Flashback may instantly Break one target.


Inheritor/S Aptitude Classes: Medic Gunner, Lone Exile, Lost Vanguard, Full Metal JaguarD Aptitude Classes: Zephyr, Flash Fencer, Martial Artist, Troubadour

Eunie is also a diverse character, with good Aptitude in all roles. Regardless of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 role it actually becomes most beneficial to stick to a Kevesi main class of either Lone Exile or Full Metal Jaguar. This is mainly due to her overlapping Aptitude with Agnus being inconsistent and may require extra grinding to get some better Master Arts.

Of the Agnian classes, both Incursor and Seraph have decent skills while still granting Eunie an A-rated Aptitude. Players will want to rank these up to get four total Master Arts: Aerial Slash for a near auto critical attack, Glitter Stream that can easily Break one foe, Crimson Lance that inflicts Topple, and Flame Lord that deals extra damage when hitting from the front.


Inheritor/S Aptitude Classes: Tactician, Incursor, Strategos, SeraphD Aptitude Classes: Swordfighter, Heavy Guard, Guardian Commander, Soulhacker

Taion is a mirror of Eunie in that he should concentrate on Agnian classes as his main. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Kevesi classes can be trained at a minimum to unlock compatible Master Arts. This winds up making both Incursor and Strategos good options, depending if the party needs another Attacker or Healer.

Regardless of class choice, players will want to have some utility by training Yumsmith for the previously mentioned Energy Grenade and Flashback debuffs. Afterward, get Full Metal Jaguar to rank 10 for Quick Draw, which will make Taion extremely evasive. Its rank 1 Master Art Demolition can also randomly ignore a group of enemies’ defense stat; though it should mostly be reserved for only tough encounters.



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