Xena arguing online after the Capitol occupation


Lucy Lawless, who starred in the series Xena – The Warrior Princess between 1995 and 2001, criticized the posture of Kevin Sorbo, his former castmate, in a post he shared with lawyer Rogan O’Handley, on his official Twitter account , last Thursday (6th).

Sorbo, who played the warrior Hercules, published a sentence followed by an image about the invasion of the Capitol in the United States.

“They don’t look very patriotic to me,” wrote the actor, questioning whether the intruders here are, in fact, supporters of Donald Trump or just rioters, as O’Handley, a supporter of the former president, had written.

Then, upon seeing the publication, Lucy Lawless responded by explaining her point of view, reinforcing that the people seen in the photo knew very well what they were doing.

“They are assholes, who go out and carry out evil orders from people like you, who like to play with them like toys and let them do what they know the worst,” she wrote.

Duel between Xena and Hercules moves social networks

After Lawless’s response, many fans of the series decided to speak out in support of the actress, claiming that they had always been by her side and that she represented them. Lucy Lawless continued to refer to Sorbo as “peanut” (peanut, in a literal translation, but used as slang in the English language) in her later tweets.

Several members of the social network posted tweets in which they highlighted the love they felt for the actress and her character.

“Xena has always been superior to Hercules. She even won that spin-off. Lucy Lawless, your tough princess, ”wrote a follower.


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