xCloud Starts Running With X Series Quality


xCloud: A few days ago, we reported that Xbox Cloud Gaming (or xCloud) would bring the quality of the Series X to a variety of devices via streaming, including previous generation Xbox One consoles. The service was launched in September of last year.

But it seems that these changes are already starting to arrive, according to some server updates that could be noticed this week. That’s without any official announcement from EA — as the Kotaku folks well commented, an ad-free release, worthy of a Beyoncé record.

For now, the change can be seen for those who use xCloud on Android devices and browsers on the PC. Streaming on Xbox One consoles is still in the testing phase. But judging by this recent update, it should arrive sooner than many imagined, still in 2021.

Microsoft’s plan for the service — which is in beta in Brazil, by invitation only — is to become a kind of gaming Netflix, allowing subscribers to enjoy newly released games, even without having a console. In the future, the idea is that even smart TVs can stream high-end games.

What changes with the new xCloud quality?

Whoever subscribes to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Pack and has access to xCloud can play over 260 games via streaming, without having to buy or download them. The point is that the quality of these games, until then, was compatible with the Xbox One — with these updates, it gained a huge upgrade to the quality of the Series X, of last generation.

In practice, this translates to more detailed graphics, smoother frames, and shorter load times, even in a web browser on a PC or an Android mobile device. What you need, of course, is a really big internet connection to handle this streaming.

If you’re already using Xbox Cloud Gaming (or Xbox Game Streaming or xCloud, who knows what name Microsoft is using for the project right now) and have already tried the new quality, let us know in the comments.


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