xCloud for Android, analysis. Is the future in cloud gaming?


We tested the Xbox streaming game system, which is linked to the Game Pass Ultimate account for android systems. With a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

xCloud is one of Microsoft’s latest bets to expand its ecosystem and bring the Game Pass concept to the greatest number of people. Available on Android via Game Pass Ultimate for exactly one month, the Redmond company’s cloud gaming proposal comes with features that make it very attractive: an impressive catalog of games, synchronization with our Xbox One games and the way easiest in the world to activate it. Does the future of the video game go through the cloud? We see it.

Downloading and playing xCloud is extremely easy. At the moment it is necessary to have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription to be able to access it, and we also need to have an Android mobile device while Microsoft works to bring the system to iOS in some way after the restrictions with which the Apple system is shown. Once we have both elements, we only have to download the Game Pass application, where a tab dedicated to cloud gaming is integrated. The requirements are to have an Android 6.0 or higher operating system and a minimum Bluetooth 4.0, a wireless controller to connect it -only a game can be enjoyed by touch- and a 5Ghz WiFi connection to be able to have the optimal gaming performance.

The requirements to enjoy xCloud already indicate some conditions that today limit its use. Starting with the type of WiFi, which is higher than the 2.4ghz standard and which seems essential for a good experience, and continuing with the necessary proximity to the router in question, since the connection must reach its maximum power. It is clear that xCloud, like other systems like Stadia, look to the future thinking about 5G, but for the moment it seems far from being established globally and the limitations to play right now are what they are: taking us where we want our game is fine As a slogan, but with the Wi-Fi of a hotel on a trip it is not going to be viable today to enjoy the experience at its best.

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Naturally, this is not a strictly system problem, which requires 10mbp bandwidth to function and depends on the connection to maintain the desired good level, but it is a reality in which we find these systems where a bad connection not only affects how we view games, but also how we play them.


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