xCloud Arrives For Xbox Series X/S And Xbox One In 25 Regions


xCloud: Microsoft announced this Wednesday (17) that xCloud is available starting today on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in 25 regions. According to Catherine Gluckstein, vice president and head of Production and Strategy for Xbox Cloud Gaming, the news will come “soon” to Brazil.

Users who want to try out the cloud gaming service need to have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. “Now you can discover and try out many different titles quickly right from the cloud until you get to the one you want to install as well,” said Gluckstein.

According to the executive, the platform was built to make the gaming experience faster, easier, more fluid and for the player to save space on the console’s hard drive in case of titles that he wants to enjoy for a long time.

One of the highlights of the service, even, is the possibility it offers to test Xbox Series X/S titles on Xbox One, such as Recompile, The Medium and The Riftbreaker.

“We will also continue to support this feature and expand our cloud game library to include more next-gen games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator in early 2022,” said Gluckstein.

As previously revealed, games that will run in the cloud on consoles have a special icon and run at 1080p and 60 FPS, just as they do on PC and mobile.