Xbox’s new themed controller catches the eye


Xbox, the lifeblood of Microsoft’s competition with Sony, continues to offer innovations to keep in touch with its users. Achieving momentum with two different game consoles recently released, Xbox has opened the new controller Pulse Red for pre-order.

Standout red

Pulse Red, which has the same hardware and technical features as the controller offered with the release of Xbox’s next generation consoles, also includes all of the same controller innovations such as the USB-C port and the special share button.

Considering the white back case, black bumpers and D-pad, it looks very similar to the Shock Blue color scheme in terms of design, as is the controller introduced at launch. Similarly, the newly introduced controller also stands out as the ABXY keys in red. Pulse Red, which has a striking appearance in this state, offers an assertive elegance to game lovers.

The new Xbox Controller Pulse Red, which is currently only available for pre-order, has a price tag of $ 65. However, considering that the prices of game consoles are reduced, it may be thought that the controller with the new design will have a considerable price

How did you find Pulse Red, Xbox’s newly designed controller?


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