Xbox’s new console: Xbox Series V appeared


Leaks about the Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5, which are highly anticipated by many game lovers, continue to emerge. After the Xbox Series X and Series S promotion, eyes turned to the Xbox Series V model.

New claim about Xbox’s new console: Xbox Series V

The Xbox Series S and its big brother Series X, which was announced as $ 299 and $ 499 in the past days, go on sale on November 10. It seems unlikely that Microsoft will release a new game console, except for these two models, but the talk is different.

xbox series v

According to rumors, the Xbox Series X is said to be a less powerful, smaller, and disc drive-free Xbox Series V model. The probability of this console is very low and the game developers are not aware of this console.

However, the PlayStation 5 has two different models with both digital and disk drives, and the Series X is only a disc drive model, which is a little confusing and frankly seems logical.

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