Xbox’s got HDR video support on YouTube


Microsoft’s popular game console series Xbox received YouTube HDR support after a long time. With the new update, Xbox users will be able to watch High Dynamic Range (HDR) video on YouTube.

HDR Support after 4 years

Promising HDR support for Xbox in 2017, Microsoft introduced the feature for the Xbox One S and One X, Series S and X’s YouTube apps at the end of the past 4 years.

S consoles with HDR video support according to a source, 1440p 60 fps, Series X console offers 4K 60 fps video viewing.

The additional HDR support may cause some problems. Because it was stated that HDR videos were shown with VP-92 codec instead of AV1 and Series X could not play AV1 codec supported videos. However, it is thought that this problem will be resolved with an update expected to be released in the coming days.

Trying to attract users a little more with the steps it takes against its biggest competitor PlayStation, Xbox continues to work with all its might to increase the user experience on its existing consoles. Xbox is expected to offer a more efficient and comprehensive use with future updates.


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