Xbox will not be talked about at Tokyo Game Show 2020!


The news about Tokyo Game Show 2020, which will start on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, continues to come. Various game companies started to explain the ways they will follow at the event and the games they plan to promote. After the announcement that Resident Evill Village will be shown at the event, Microsoft has now made a statement.

There will be no Xbox development at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 event!

Microsoft has announced that it will attend the Tokyo Game Show 2020, but will not share any new developments or news about the Xbox Series X. After this announcement, what was expected by Microsoft at the event changed.

Microsoft will talk about the following in its announcements in Japanese;

  • To meet with Japanese game producers
  • Latest updates to Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10 and Steam
  • Minecraft will meet with Japanese players
  • Presentation of some of the current games announced to date

This is how Microsoft will get through Tokyo Game Show 2020. It seems that there will be no innovations that will create a lot of excitement.


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