Xbox will expand game accessibility options


Last Tuesday (16), Microsoft published on its news channel some news regarding changes in accessibility options for games. The main one is the fact that the company is updating a set of guidelines to find out what are the best measures to be adopted for this specific community.

These guidelines were launched in January 2020, and with the help of players with special conditions, new information and measures have been included to make life easier for those who have some difficulty. The idea is to analyze these points and take them to the developers so that they can add to their titles, something very welcome on the Xbox platform.

There was also mention that Microsoft is expanding its partnership with the gaming community with some disabilities to ensure that their voices are heard – after all, this is a large group around the globe, with around 61 million people playing and have some limitations – and tests are conducted on future titles by those selected who have some motor difficulties.

Recently, Voxel made an agenda about the accessibility of games in Brazil and the Xbox was one of the friendliest platforms, but it still lacks the Adaptive Controller in the country.


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