Xbox wants to bring its cloud service to all possible devices


Phil Spencer, head of the division, acknowledges that this is his intention, although they will develop their strategy step by step.

An ecosystem in which all the video games developed by Xbox Game Studios work. Since Phil Spencer took over from Don Mattrick in the direction of the division, the company has drastically varied its strategy and has opted for this approach. The move to Windows 10, the launch of the titles on PC and the arrival of its cloud technology, Project xCloud, aims to reach the more players the better. So it is not surprising that Spencer has once again pointed out that his goal is to expand xCloud to as many screens as possible. Of course, all in due course.

In an interview with The Verge, he has developed his views: “Over time we will continue to expand the way we introduce streaming on the platform, as well as the possibility of playing the titles you have without being subscribed,” he anticipates. “At launch we will integrate it into [Xbox Game Pass] Ultimate at no additional cost.” According to Spencer, they are convinced that it is a “good audience” to start with, since it is a community “that plays many video games”.

Little by little

The manager says they want to “move Project xCloud at some point to all screens” where you can “streame games”. However, right now, they are focused on mobile devices. “There are discussions going on and we are working on it. We will talk more specifically ”about compatibility on mobile devices during the months of August and September. “We want that test to be as simple” as in streaming music and video. Take Spotify as an example, which allows you to listen to a song instantly.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will introduce Project xCloud starting in September. This service allows access to a catalog of more than 100 games. In addition, all first-party titles are released from the day of launch.


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