Xbox Tells The Story Of When It Turned Down GTA 3 On Its Console


Xbox: Microsoft is celebrating 2021 the 20th anniversary of its entry into the gaming world with the launch of the first Xbox. Among the countless activities and content that the company has prepared for its celebration, the excellent documentary Power On tells the story of Xbox. And the videos don’t just talk about his great successes, but also about his biggest flaws – like the time he let GTA 3 slip to the PlayStation.

The story appears in the third episode of the documentary, which can only be viewed on YouTube due to the age restriction. In the 16:23 minute, Kevin Bachus tells the story. He was in charge of relationships with third-party developers between 1999 and 2001 for the platform, and talks about this small producer who wanted to resurrect a 2D game, moving the franchise to a new format, in 3D.

Of course Bachus is talking about GTA 3, which was turned down on Xbox because executives at the time thought the idea strange and doubted that the game could be ported from 2D to 3D format.

This resulted in GTA 3 being released as a temporary exclusive on the PS2. The game ended up selling 14.5 million units, was the best seller of 2001 and, according to Bachus, would also have been the best seller of 2002 if it hadn’t lost its place to its own successor.

And for those who like to see companies talking about their own mistakes and want a little more from the Xbox, the documentary has an entire episode dedicated to the Red Ring of Death as well.