Xbox Support in Windows 10 Tells The Future of Mod Support for PC Games


It is said that the Xbox app included in Windows 10 has changed its architecture and added an innovation to game modes. Accordingly, if the modes are supported in the games offered through Microsoft Store, a new frame will appear in the application.

Launched by Microsoft as a subscription system targeting Xbox One and PC players, Xbox Game Pass has managed to bring many quality games to game lovers since last year. The Xbox app included in Windows 10 was also an indication that the company is serious about PC games.

According to new information coming today, the Xbox app on Windows 10 will now show which games support the setup mode. It is known that the built-in store section on the Xbox app that shows only PC games still uses Microsoft to download games in the background. Those who are related to the subject recall that Microsoft announced that it had built mods on the store distribution system some time ago. The update to the Xbox app in Windows 10 is actually a benefit of all this.

The update will be visible soon:

According to news from Windows Central, State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition has also joined the game Into the Breach, which is one of the few PC games that currently support mods. Unfortunately, there is currently no search filter in the Xbox app to find and review mod supported games, but it is not known whether other Microsoft Store games support mods anyway.

For supporting games, it is necessary to continue by clicking the ‘Enable Modes’ button in the store list and waiting for the window that will appear in the Xbox application. Although it has been said that Microsoft has not included the mod support status for Microsoft Store games so far, it is considered an important development that the company recently abandoned the UWP format that did not allow users to change files and switched to the Win32 format.

Whether Microsoft will discuss these issues for the Xbox 20/20 update in June remains a mystery. However, the company has not yet announced when the digital event will take place. In addition to the coronavirus epidemic, it is said that there may be a delay due to the George Floyd protests that started in the US last week, but we will clearly learn how the company will act in the coming days.


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