Xbox Summer Spotlight games are presented, including the opportunity to get Microsoft Rewards points


For Xbox gamers on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, Microsoft Rewards is essential. Those who spend time completing Microsoft Rewards quests can receive services such as Xbox Game Pass for free, which gives huge savings with relatively little effort. In most cases, Microsoft Rewards points can be earned for free, but sometimes fans can get extra points when making certain purchases.

Microsoft has launched the Summer Spotlight 2022 campaign on Xbox consoles, which will feature 75 games from now until its completion on September 6. Those who spend $50 on the corresponding Summer Spotlight games will receive an additional 5,000 Microsoft Rewards points. Basically, the deal boils down to spending $50 to get $5, so anyone who was planning to buy some of these games anyway should definitely take advantage of this promotion.

To see games eligible for the Microsoft Rewards Summer Spotlight 2022 promotion, Xbox users just need to go to the Microsoft Rewards app on their consoles. From there, click on the title labeled Punch Card Summer Spotlight. Then, when gamers spend $50 to purchase eligible games, they will be rewarded with 5,000 Microsoft Rewards bonus points, which they can use at their discretion.

Some of the highlights available right now include the whimsical 3D platformer Hell Pie, the stylish FPS game Severed Steel, the cozy game Time on Frog Island and the new dinosaur MMO Path of Titans. Some of the games listed in Summer Spotlight are also available to play with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, such as the well-received collaborative puzzle game Escape Academy, so fans can compare the lineup with the Game Pass before making any purchases.

It is likely that the line of Summer Spotlight 2022 games suitable for participation in the Microsoft Rewards promotion will change in the coming weeks. After all, Microsoft has highlighted some specific games that are not currently participating in the promotion, such as Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed and Cult of the Lamb, and it would be strange if they were given attention if they were not going to be added to the Microsoft Rewards deal.

In addition to video games, there are also several movies and TV series that can be purchased to fill out the Summer Spotlight 2022 punch card. Right now, some of the options include award-winning films like “Argo” and “The Shawshank Redemption,” although other films will be available in the coming weeks.


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