Xbox Shows The New Color Of Its Range Of Controls: This Is Aqua Shift Special Edition


Aqua Shift Special Edition will arrive in Spain on August 31. We show you what the new Xbox Grid Controller looks like. Open reservations. Xbox has revealed the new color that is added to the grid of next generation controllers. Aqua Shift Special Edition will be marketed in Spain from August 31 at a recommended price of 64.99 euros. It is now available for reservation through the Microsoft Store.

What’s new in Aqua Shift Special Edition

This aqua blue model of the next generation Xbox controller features a quirk on the rear. Each hand grips feature a unique dual color mix in each color. In addition, this area is textured, which helps to improve the feeling at the controls after prolonged periods of play.

“As we continue to dream of new designs and ways to enchant our fans, we are always looking for ways to elevate your Xbox gaming experience,” explains Jessica Tsujikawa, Senior Producer Manager at the company. “Aqua Shift features a surreal blue moody glow that you have to see to believe. Playing with the way the prismatic color moves across the controller, you feel like Aqua Shift comes to life in your hands. ”

Aqua Shift has the functionality of the rest of the range of controllers that accompanied the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Therefore, you can expect that dynamic latency technology will offer you a more responsive gaming experience than in previous generations. , in addition to having the share button (in the central part) and the hybrid crosshead. How could it be otherwise, it is compatible with the Xbox Accessories application of your console, in which you can change and assign new orders to each button.

If you are interested in reserving it, click here to go to its profile in the official Mictosoft store.


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