Xbox Series Z: artist creates Microsoft portable


Microsoft consoles have just won a device concept that imagines what it would be like if the Redmond company developed a portable, foldable Xbox. The artist @iamkashama published in his profile on TikTok two different designs for products of this type.

In the materials produced it is possible to see that the concept creator imagined the consoles to try to face Nintendo and its popular Switch. The first prototype of the Xbox Series Z, as he called his device, appears with a foldable design, similar to the Nintendo 3DS, for example, which had more sales than the Xbox family in Japan during the last year.

However, its differential is that, when pressing a physical button on the upper part of the housing, the laptop opens automatically, to reveal its screen and an automatic mechanism that slides a kind of touchpad, where the player can select the games or some options of the Xbox interface.

The second design, however, does not have all this extravagance or at least the option of opening and closing the device. On the contrary, it is nothing more than a controller that already has a screen – just like the Nintendo Switch itself, but with a more futuristic look.


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