Xbox Series X|S Promises To Improve Video Capture And Sharing


Xbox Series X|S: The developers and programmers behind the Xbox want to make the video capture and sharing tool on the X and S Series a priority. The information comes from Jason Ronald, director of program management on the platform.

Speaking to the Iron Lords podcast, incorporated above, Ronald has admitted that work on the DVR (in-game video recording) portion of the Xbox Series X|S hasn’t quite reached the level he would have liked this year.

“I will definitely say that Game DVR is an area – the capture and share experience – that I wish we had made more progress this year than we were able to. It’s definitely a priority for us.”

Ronald points out that improvements have been made, but that he is listening to feedback from players and intends to take this work further next year. “The message has definitely been heard and, as I said, this is an area that I would have liked to make more progress this year, but it will definitely be a priority in 2022.”

The head of programming also invites players to participate in the Insider program for Xbox. Participants have access to console builds and updates before they are made available to the general public, to test changes and improvements. Ronald says this is very important for them to get the necessary feedback and know where they are getting it right or not.