Xbox Series X|S Gets Two New External SSD Options: 2TB And 512GB


Xbox Series X: Microsoft announced that it is continuing its partnership with Seagate to bring two more capacity options in its external drives to the Xbox Series X|S. The two new drives arrive later this year, offering 512GB and 2TB options to boost your next-gen Xbox’s storage.

The drives basically turn the already released 1TB SSD into the “middle” option. The 512GB drive arrives earlier, in mid-November, for a suggested retail price of $140, which is roughly $780 dollar rate at the time of this post. It is already on pre-order in the US.

The 2TB option starts pre-ordering in November and arrives in December for the suggested price of US$400, which converts to approximately R$2,230.

Normally, Xbox Series X|S is not compatible with any SSD NVMe to deliver its maximum performance, so it needs these specially optimized products, which are more expensive than common external drives – especially in Brazil.

Unfortunately, the dollar conversion alone is not enough to imagine how much these new options can cost here, since the 1TB model already costs more than the advertised dollar price for the 2TB option.


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