Xbox Series X will go on sale in November 2020


The Redmond company confirms that its new console will hit the market globally in November with “thousands of games spanning four generations.”

New step forward for Microsoft in the race for the new generation; so much so, that the Redmond company has just confirmed that Xbox Series X, its new next gen console, will go on sale next November 2020, on a specific date yet to be confirmed. And it will do so globally, reaching the market simultaneously in the main markets where the console will be sold, Spain included.

“With thousands of games from four generations”

This has been communicated by Will Tuttle, editor-in-chief of Xbox Wire, through a new entry on the official Xbox page, also ensuring that the new console will hit the market with “thousands of games spanning four generations”, alluding directly to the Backward compatibility of Xbox consoles, or what is the same, confirming the large number of Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X video games available from day one.

In addition, Tuttle reminds fans that Xbox Series X will have up to 100 video games specially optimized for the console from day one, also recalling several of its new features such as DirectX Raytracing, ultra-fast loading times of the SSD, up to 120 images per second in select titles, the Quick Resume feature, and many other new features to come from the next generation of the Xbox ecosystem.

To all this, he adds the more than 50 new video games planned until the end of the year and compatible with Xbox Series X, in addition to many others in development that we were already able to learn about at the latest Xbox digital events; Of course, as has just been confirmed, Halo Infinite will finally not be one of these launch titles for Microsoft’s next gen console, since it has been delayed to 2021 to a date yet to be specified.

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