Xbox Series X will be “quiet and efficient”


Microsoft promises that its new machine has a much improved architecture and design, all to ensure the best possible experience.

Xbox Series X is the high-end console of the new generation of Microsoft consoles. As of November 10, both this model and the reduced-performance Xbox Series S will be released at a price of 499 euros and 299 euros, respectively. Regardless of the differences that we comment here to understand why they will have such different prices, Microsoft has detailed through a new statement how they have designed their most powerful system, which will be endowed with great efficiency.

“Xbox Series X has the most powerful System on Chip (SoC) ever seen on Xbox”

In the words of Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire editor-in-chief, the Xbox design team has been taking note of things that were not convincing Xbox One gamers for years. Still, Carl Ledbetter, Associate Design Director; Chris Kujawski, lead designer for Xbox consoles; Nicolas Denhez, Senior Design Director; Ryan Whitaker, Senior Designer and Erika Kelter, Senior Designer present themselves as the visible heads of a design capable of ensuring a quiet gaming experience through the “most powerful” System on Chip (SoC) we’ve ever seen on an Xbox console.

“Creatively cooling that chip with a single axial fan found the optimal solution in terms of shape,” says Tuttle. He adds: “By splitting the motherboard in half and bolting each side to the central aluminum chassis, the team was able to draw a large amount of air through the entire system at an acoustic level low enough to operate the console. quietly and efficiently ”.

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