Xbox Series X will be active in August


Xbox boss “Phil Spencer” has announced that there will be another big event on the Xbox Series X in August. Months before the introduction of the new generation, Microsoft and Sony rush to show what they are preparing to launch in late 2020.

In an interview for the Same Brain podcast on YouTube channel iJustine, Spencer started by talking about the brand’s first-party games from the studios and, as soon as the interviewer commented on backward compatibility, he said that “more details will be revealed in August”.

This reinforces Microsoft’s announcement about the monthly Xbox events, already preparing the public for news related to the new console and finally resolving doubts about the Xbox Series X backwards compatibility model.

The confirmation ended up being combined with rumors of the second Xbox console for the new generation. Nicknamed Lockhart on social media, due to the supposed code name within the company, he would be a more affordable version.

Previously, the console’s reveal was expected at the Eletronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2020, but the event was canceled due to the pandemic, so the console’s reveal was delayed. Microsoft’s last presentation, held on the 23rd, reserved to present titles in development for the current and the next console of the company.

There is still no official communication from the company about the event, but it is difficult for Spencer to be wrong about the presentation. Therefore, it remains to wait for the announcement of the date of the event to check what news Microsoft keeps for the public.

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