Xbox Series X Showcased at an Event in Germany


Microsoft’s next generation game console, Xbox Series X, was on display at the Xperion event in Germany, covered in glass protection. The game console was viewed by visitors to the event.

Shortly before the release of the new generation game consoles, photos of consoles are starting to appear; even consoles are now exhibited in various places. Finally, Xbox Series X, the console of Microsoft, which will rival Sony’s PlayStation 5, was exhibited and displayed at an event.

The Xbox Series X, which was exhibited under protection in a glass box at the Xperion event held in Germany, managed to attract the attention of everyone who attended the event. Some of the participants of the event did not forget to take pictures of Microsoft’s game console and present it to the internet.

Xbox Series X at the exhibition:

Actually, we already knew what kind of design the Xbox Series X would have, but seeing the game console in such detail in reality has a special place. As seen in the photo above, the Xbox Series X will have almost the size of a computer case.

When we look at the photos of the console taken from different angles, there is information that the console is a prototype. Therefore, there may or may not be minor changes in the design we see now. However, we cannot expect the console to come in a smaller size.

In a report we made about 8 months ago, we presented you a prototype of the Xbox Series X console. The prototype we presented in this news is indeed the prototype of the Xbox Series X, apparently. Because the prototype displayed at the event in Germany and the prototype viewed 8 months ago have exactly the same design.

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At the event, where Xbox Series X was displayed in Germany, a separate stand was opened for PlayStation as well as Xbox. However, as no images of PlayStation 5 have been received so far, Sony probably decided not to showcase the next generation game console at this event.


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