Xbox Series X Sent To A YouTuber Broke In 4 Days


A YouTuber, who released the box opening video of the Xbox Series X with excitement on November 1, announced that the Xbox was broken in a tweet after 4 days. It is currently unknown why the Xbox Series X broke down or what Microsoft will do about it.

Microsoft’s next generation game console, Xbox Series X, is less than a week away from meeting with gamers, and YouTubers and game publishers from many parts of the world have started broadcasting their videos with promotional units sent to them.

The YouTube channel ThePapiGfunk, which publishes content focused on games and technology, was among the creators that the Xbox Series X was ‘pre-shipped’, but ThePapiGfunk’s story with the Xbox Series X was shorter than other broadcasters.

ThePapiGfunk, which released the box opening video of the Xbox Series X on November 1, stated in a tweet shared on November 5 that the Xbox Series X was broken, the console continued to work, but there was no image on the screen.

ThePapiGfunk said in the tweet that it will soon post a video on the subject, but no video has arrived yet. Although the cause of the problem is not yet known, the fact that an Xbox Series X, which was 4 days out of the box, broke, caused anxiety.

Xbox and affordable X Series S Series siblings Xbox, will be sold in Turkey and the rest of the world on November 10.

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