Xbox Series X | S won’t be Microsoft’s last consoles


The Redmonds continue to work on developing new hardware despite their expansion with cloud gaming and services.

Will this be the last generation of consoles? That is a question that is frequently asked when launching new platforms, the same as it has happened time and again with the PC. Video game streaming allows players to enjoy video games on different devices, so in those cases consoles are not a necessity. If cloud gaming succeeds, will Xbox stop creating consoles? Phil Spencer, head of the division, thinks that they will continue designing consoles after Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This has been revealed in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

“When it comes to future hardware, I definitely think we will see more consoles. As in the film or music industry, streaming has not eliminated device innovation. I think we will continue that line, that is exactly what we are planning ”. Microsoft’s new strategy calls for “putting the player at the center of everything”, rather than relying exclusively on one piece of hardware. “You see the same thing in any other medium: my television is with me always, music goes with me wherever I go.”

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