Xbox Series X / S to have Quick Resume improvements soon


Xbox Series X / S: Anyone who owns the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S must have familiarized themselves well with the feature known as Quick Resume, which allows you to stop playing a title, save the exact state it was in and switch to another game. This way, when you want to go back to the previous game, you can continue directly from that previously saved state.

This is great for those who like to try different games throughout the day or even just for those who don’t want to worry about saving and quitting the game every time they end their session. The good news is that there will be even more news for Quick Resume soon, and those who are part of the Insiders program will be able to check out these changes first hand.

The information came in the form of tweets from a Microsoft employee known as Eden Marie. She revealed that players will be able to check which titles are stored in Quick Resume more easily and see which of their games are compatible with this feature.

This way, they will already have in mind which matches can stop in the middle without having to search individually. This also helps in managing the saved states of Quick Resume, something that was not yet very well implemented in the Xbox Series X / S.

It is worth mentioning for those who still do not know that the Insiders program exists so that subscribers can receive and test new features before they are officially launched to the public. This applies not only to Microsoft consoles, but also to the Windows 10 operating system, for example.

There is still no prediction of when the new Quick Resume functions will reach all users of the company’s console, but it usually doesn’t take long after the initial testing of Insiders. Do you also use this feature on your Xbox Series X / S? Comment below!


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