Xbox Series X/S: Sales Increased Microsoft’s Quarterly Earnings


Xbox Series X/S: This week, Microsoft released the results of its last financial quarter ending June 30, and with good news: the company’s gaming sector increased by 11%, representing gains of $357 million, compared to the same window of last year’s time.

One of the points that contributed to this growth was the increase in sales of Xbox Series X/S, and in total the hardware segment saw a positive variation of 172%. On the other hand, content and services saw a 4% drop in sales. In this group, we can highlight that there was even an improvement in the number of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and sales of first-party titles, but a big drop in third-party game purchases.

It is noteworthy that the coronavirus pandemic must have affected Microsoft’s gains in some way, especially with regard to the sales of games from partner companies since many of them had to adapt (or are still in the process) to a system remote development, with each employee carrying out their part of the project directly from home.


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