Xbox Series X | S Pre-Order Record: “We’re Overwhelmed”


Microsoft promises that they will supply the demand as much as possible. First wave completely sold out in the United States and more countries.

The opening of reservations for Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S model has resulted in massive demand especially in the United States, where stores have not been able to supply all reservation attempts given the limited initial supply. Xbox has indicated that pre-order records have been broken and they appreciate the welcome; Now, they promise more units between now and November.

The Bethesda effect: gamers want an Xbox Series X | S

“We are overwhelmed by the demand for record in Xbox Series X and S,” they comment on the social network Twitter. The message, which is accompanied by a message of thanks to all fans who are sharing this emotion, urges those who have not been able to set aside their unit in stores to be aware of possible updates from chain stores through a subscription by email or other communication methods, as they expect to have more units soon.

In fact, they explicitly mention the day of departure of the two consoles: “Expect more consoles available for November 10”, global launch date around the world.


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