Xbox Series X/S Now Play PS1 Games Through Emulator


Xbox Series X/S: As if it wasn’t enough to see the incredible Xbox Game Pass library getting bigger and bigger, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles have gained support for even more games — albeit unofficially — courtesy of the Duckstation emulator on PlayStation 1!

As shown by the Modern Vintage Gamer channel, it is now possible to manually install the program and configure it to scale the old PS1 graphics to vibrant 4K resolution on most modern TVs. Check out:

In addition to the extremely high resolution, it also makes games run at 60 FPS in case you want to force classic games to go beyond their original performance, as happens in the default system configuration.

To enjoy this there are two big tricks: First, you need to access the Xbox Series X/S developer mode to install the emulator. Second, we don’t even need to remind you that emulating games you don’t own is an illegal practice, so we can’t provide any links or encourage this practice around here!

According to Stenzek, the project’s developer, DuckStation’s idea is “to focus on gameplay, speed and long-term durability, being as faithful as possible while maintaining good performance even on weaker hardware.”

And you, did you already know DuckStation? Did you know that Xbox Series X/S can emulate other video games? What do you think of emulation? Let us know in the comments below!


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