Xbox Series X | S no BR: “It’s not easy to bring on day one


It felt like Christmas was closer than November. Human anxiety clouds rational thoughts, but the truth is that, in the blink of an eye, there: the new generation of consoles has arrived. In this race, the Xbox comes out ahead, and that includes the Brazilian territory. Series X and Series S will be launched on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, in select countries around the world, including ours.

But bringing two video games to Brazil on the desired worldwide “day-one”, or, in free translation, “day one”, involves a series of steps and logistical challenges related to the distribution chain: alignment with foreign teams, approval, pricing, resolutions with retailers and other details.

To bring some of these behind the scenes, Voxel spoke with Bruno Motta, Xbox brand operations manager in the country, and sought out some of the secrets behind so many decisions – which, if necessary, may be subject to “plan A, B, C , D and E ”, according to the executive, and not necessarily enshrined.

The logistical challenges of day one worldwide

For those who do not remember, the Brasil Game Show of 2018 has already begun to articulate the desire to bring both consoles to the country at the world launch, just as it happened in 2013 with the Xbox One. This was already a clear goal set by the division Xbox Brazil.

“Since October 2018 we wanted to bring [the Xbox Series X and Series S] on day one to Brazil. (…) BGS 2018 was when I talked about it for the first time. We know that Brazil has a larger logistics chain, it is not easy, we know the specifics ”, said the executive.

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Brazil’s privileged position on the world map of games places the country on Microsoft’s radar. “It is the fourth largest game market in the world. Brazil is super relevant and our plans have always been to bring [the new consoles] on the first day. And in an atypical year like this … we knew we wanted to have both: one is the supreme technology, the most premium model, and the other has all the new generation architecture, SSD, Smart Delivery, Quick Resume , the new features ”, he explained.


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