Xbox Series X | S in Brazil and in-store inventory


The Xbox Series X and Series S are among us. Microsoft’s new generation consoles arrive on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, and are greeted with a huge smile from the market – including in Brazil.

It is no secret that the country’s bureaucratic gear can be a stumbling block, but “with preparation and planning, things happen”, in the words of Bruno Motta, responsible for the Xbox brand operations in the national territory.

In a conversation with Voxel, the executive reaffirmed that “it is not easy” to bring two consoles to Brazil on the desired day one worldwide and that Microsoft aspires to “democratic access” with the Series S, which proposes to deliver new features and architecture generation on compact and cheaper hardware.

The Xbox Series X, in turn, bears the face of “monster” for offering a very robust configuration – interestingly, it is the model whose stock oscillates most in Brazilian stores.

“Gigantic receptivity”

Asked about this “back and forth” of retailers about the availability of the premium console, Motta explains that the “gigantic receptivity around the world and in Brazil” is surpassing Microsoft’s projections.

“The receptivity has been huge. Bringing it to the context of Brazil, we had a very high expectation and it is being exceeded. We are very happy and even surprised. (…) This led some retailers to sell out with the product in the pre-sale. We still have stock of the Series X in some stores. We are working hard to anticipate the next batch, ”he said.

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