Xbox Series X | S Improves Its Energy Saving Mode To Be Able To Download Updates


Xbox Series X: Microsoft bets on the energy saving mode on Xbox Series X | S. They improve their functionalities to be able to download updates. Microsoft is committed to the environment. Those of Redmond announce the possibility of being able to download updates using the energy saving mode on Xbox Series X | S systems. Until now, the function was exclusive to the quick start mode, which kept the console ready to be able to have it ready once you took the step to play.

Now available on Xbox Series X|S

The updates you can download include both those dedicated to the operating system and those for the games you have installed. From the company they explain that the energy saving mode consumes “around 20 times less energy than the fast start mode when the console is not being used or receiving updates”. Also, they have made saving mode the default during setup for new consoles.

“Our mission as an Xbox team is to bring the fun and community of gaming to everyone on the planet,” they explain on Xbox Wire. “While gaming brings fun to players, we also recognize that it has an impact on our environment. Our commitment to our players and the industry is to work tirelessly to reduce that impact in a responsible manner consistent with Microsoft’s corporate commitments.”

Among its achievements in 2021 is the manufacture of the Xbox Series S at the end of the same year, which became the first console to incorporate recycled resins in several of its internal components and structure. At least 28% of plastic mechanical components by weight are made of that material.

But Xbox points further. By 2025 they expect their Azure data centers to switch entirely to being powered by renewable energy. “Our custom Xbox servers are based on the same energy efficient architecture as our consoles. In addition, using this hardware in the cloud environment allows us to reach more players per server throughout its useful life”, they comment.