Xbox Series X / S has big official price cut in Brazil


Today Microsoft confirmed excellent news for Brazilian players, with a drop in the price of both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the national market, which will now cost, respectively, R $ 4599.00 and R $ 2,799.00.

The two packages include a console, all the necessary cables for its operation and a joystick, and consumers who have already paid higher prices in the pre-sale can and should contact retailers to request a refund of the original values.

According to the company, the decision was made thanks to the publication in the Official Gazette of the Union of the decree of Jair Bolsonaro that reduced the IPI of video games in the country, as informed by the President on October 26, 2020:

– IPI reduction for video games:

(a) from 40% to 30%: game consoles and machines;

(b) from 32% to 22%: parts and accessories for consoles and video game machines whose images are reproduced on a screen; (more) …

– Jair M. Bolsonaro (@jairbolsonaro) October 26, 2020

The IPI, or Tax on Industrialized Products, is provided for in Article 153, IV, of the Federal Constitution, and also applies to imported products, which is the case with consoles, which have not been produced in the country for some years.

Thus, the Xbox Series X and S will be in the main physical stores and retail chains already on November 10, 2020 with the new values. What did you think of the prices? Comment below!

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