Xbox Series X | S Games to Confirm Pricing “On Time”


Microsoft has not yet confirmed how much its first party games will cost, that is, if they will go up in price as they have done at Sony, 2K or Activision.

The rise in price of high-budget video games is a reality with the arrival of the new generation of consoles. Publishers such as 2K Games, Activision or PlayStation have increased the RRP to 79.99 euros, a policy not without controversy to which Microsoft, for its part, has not spoken. They will confirm the figure “in due course.”

Pricing for Xbox Game Studios games to be determined soon

Tim Stuart, CFO of the company, said during a conference at Jefferies Interactive Entertainment that “we are not going to make specific announcements about the price of our first parties yet”, in reference to the productions of the long twenty of internal Xbox studios Game Studios, where all the Bethesda teams are also after Microsoft’s purchase of Zenimax Media. “We will do it in due time,” he adds.

His statements come after Aaron Greenberg, director of communication at Microsoft, assured that the price of his titles is not important since all his exclusives will be on Xbox Game Pass. In the same context, Stuart asserts indicating that “prices have not risen during the last couple of generations, so it does not surprise me that we see things like that now.” Only Ubisoft, for the moment, has refused to raise the price of its games on PS5 and Xbox Series: they will continue as before.

“The costs of creating content are increasing, and those publishers and creators, including ourselves, want to make sure that they are generating a margin of income according to what is needed for these kinds of amazing and incredible new games,” he adds . Everything seems to indicate that Halo Infinite, on sale in 2021, will be the first to show the reality of the price of Xbox Game Studios games in stores.

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The future of Xbox Game Studios goes through a lineup of 23 studios working only for Xbox, which will not be an impediment so that, if they so decide, those titles see the light on other platforms, but they will always be played “first or better” on Xbox.


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