Xbox Series X / S controller has hidden sync function


Anyone who uses the Xbox Series X / S controller to play both on the console and on the computer knows that it can be annoying to have to keep syncing it all the time with a different device. But Microsoft had already thought of a very smart solution and just forgot to let us know a little earlier.

Timo Wolf, Microsoft’s account manager, recently mentioned that you can easily switch between devices previously connected to the Xbox Series X / S controller. Simply press the sync button once and it will connect to the last mobile device or PC that was connected. If you click this button twice, it will connect to your Xbox console.

Pretty simple, don’t you think? What’s worse is that this function has been around for some time and had even been discussed in a Reddit post last year. Still, it is entirely understandable that most people had no idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis almost hidden function.

Considering that the Xbox Series X / S controller can be used on so many types of devices, it was a really good choice to implement this option. Comment below if you already knew about this feature or if you were still syncing the control manually between your other devices.


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