Xbox Series X | S Apologize for the lack of stock


The head of Microsoft recognizes the lack of available units of its new consoles, which will remain without sufficient stock until 2021.

The lack of stock of Xbox Series X | S is a reality. After the most successful launch in the history of Microsoft, which has managed to sell more units than in any other generation start of Xbox, the North American company has been aware of the situation and apologizes, in the voice of Phil Spencer, its chief executive officer. .

Microsoft expects lack of Xbox Series X | S until the second quarter of 2021

The leader of the Microsoft video game department has been clear: “We need more consoles.” In a digital gathering on the occasion of GlitchCon, the generally candid Spencer has had no qualms about acknowledging that demand has been well above supply, with reservations above what they expected; added to the complications in the production chain under COVID-19. “The main message we receive over and over again is: ‘It is very difficult to get hold of a console right now’, and as you know I apologize for that,” he adds.

Despite having broken sales records in the United Kingdom and sold more than a million consoles in the first weekend, there is a lot of people who have been left especially without an Xbox Series X, which is the one that is causing the most problems around his availability. After several months manufacturing consoles at full capacity, “and trying to have as many as possible in stores, the demand is still very high”, he assumes.

Spencer also wanted to highlight in this meeting the work that his team is doing in what he describes as a “crazy” year with “all kinds of obstacles”. He remembers again his rival, Sony, which has managed to put its new generation of consoles on sale on the estimated date, PlayStation 5, which hits European stores this Thursday, November 19. “Kudos to all the teams, both Sony and us, as well as all third party companies for achieving what we have done, it has been fantastic.”

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