Xbox Series X | S 2021 will have improvements


Microsoft is working on improving aspects such as the FPS rate in Xbox One and previous generations games thanks to the capabilities of the Xbox Series.

The backward compatibility of Xbox Series X | S will improve during the year 2021. Jason Ronald, director of Xbox program management, has confirmed through the social network Twitter the will of the team dedicated to these tasks to make aspects such as FPS superiors soon in the works of previous generations. Thus, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or original Xbox titles will look better on new machines.

He has not given more details, simply a smiling face accompanying a “Yes”. The user SkyeIce gave as an example the rate of images per second and the longed-for 60 FPS, which is the desired refresh rate to guarantee greater fluidity in the games. Given that this standard is not established nor was it in the past, it seems to be one of the goals for the immediate future in both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, despite their differences.

Xbox Series X now takes advantage of all the Xbox One X backward compatibility enhancements; to highlight, the 4K resolution capacity in works of previous generations. Notable examples are Red Dead Redemption or Ninja Gaiden Black, which seem like remasters. Xbox Series S, meanwhile, matches its older sister in SSD memory, which translates into greatly reduced load times, but not the ability to offer 4K resolution graphics.

This aspect does not prevent both models, including Xbox Series S, from guaranteeing a higher rate of images per second in a future update, since backward compatible titles demand less power for the CPU and GPU, thus leaving room for those. other technical aspects yet to be determined.

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Last November, we learned from Microsoft itself that they plan to add more Xbox and Xbox 360 games to the Xbox Game Pass backward compatible video game program.

Thousands of games are currently supported on Xbox Series X | S
At the moment, all the games that were backwards compatible on Xbox One are also backwards compatible on Xbox Series X | S. Some titles have doubled their frame rate, while others have benefited from HDR (thanks to the console’s Auto HDR) or a x16 anisotropic filter. Microsoft boasts “thousands of games” compatible with Xbox Series; four generations in one.

This week, Ronald has confirmed that the Xbox Series X | S image and video capture capabilities will be improved in an upcoming update. Although he has not given details, he does acknowledge that user feedback is helping them make decisions aimed at making these content sharing processes somewhat easier.


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