Xbox Series X reservations rise in sales on Amazon


The high-end model of the current generation of Microsoft consoles appears to be causing confusion among buyers because of its nomenclature.

The opening of reservations for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has resulted in a demand for records, according to Microsoft; However, Xbox One X sales have also grown exponentially, which seems to be due to a more or less widespread confusion over the official nomenclature of the model published in 2017 within the Xbox One family.

747% sales increase in just one day

Xbox One X sales growth is estimated at 747% in twenty-four hours through The reason that invites us to think that there has been confusion when buying an Xbox One X – which is already discontinued worldwide – exactly on September 22 is twofold: on the one hand, it coincides with the opening of Xbox reservations Series X and Series S; on the other, that the name is very similar and, surely, there are those who have added to the shopping cart what is still the highest-end model of the Xbox family in the current generation of consoles.

If on Monday it was in position 2,804 of Amazon’s best-selling products, in just one day it rose to position 331; in video games, the fourth best-selling product. In the absence of knowing if this impact will turn over the days and hours into mass cancellations, Microsoft has promised that there will be more units of both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S available for the next November 10, date of global launch of this new generation of machines from the American company.

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