Xbox Series X To Be Released Without Exclusive Gaming


New information for Microsoft’s new generation game console Xbox Series X has emerged. An Xbox executive announced that it will not come with any exclusive games when the Series X is released.

The game console industry seems to be going through a very active period this year. Leading names in the game console industry, such as Sony and Microsoft, provide some rare information about the next-generation game consoles that are expected to be released later this year and greatly increase fans’ expectations. As well as the technical details of game consoles, the games they will have are very important in this sector.

PlayStation and Xbox game consoles are often known for their exclusive games. The Xbox game console is often remembered for the Halo and Forza series, while PlayStation is known for games like Gran Turismo, God of War and The Last of Us. Such special games, especially when the consoles are released together with the consoles, attract a great deal of attention and excite fans. Microsoft does not seem to follow this strategy with the Xbox Series X.

Exclusive game will not be released at the launch of Xbox Series X:

In an interview with MCV, Xbox Game Studios executive Matt Booty gave a new insight into the launch of the Xbox Series X. Matt said that when the Xbox Series X was released, it would not be released in any way with exclusive games. Reportedly, Microsoft has guaranteed that no exclusive games will be available for the platform until at least a year after the launch of the Xbox Series X.

The reason for this is that both Xbox One and Xbox Series X users want to play as described as Matt, players of previous generation consoles should not be deprived of the pleasure of the game, he said. Microsoft doesn’t follow this sales strategy called Exclusive Launch Exclusive ve and makes it necessary to purchase a new generation game console to play new games. Don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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