Xbox Series X | Q: there will be no regional blocking


Microsoft confirms to MeriStation that its new console will not impose region blocking; all discs will be compatible. It will also be region free in digital.

Xbox Series X will not have regional blocking. Microsoft has confirmed to MeriStation that the high-end model of the company’s new generation of consoles will be region free, so that all users will be able to insert discs from any region regardless of the origin of their console. Similarly, Xbox Series X and S will maintain this barrier-free status in digital form.

Region free, total access freedom in the most backward compatible Xbox generation

As has already happened with Xbox One, the Xbox Series generation will not change policy in this regard, which will facilitate access to unpublished video games in some regions in physical form; including Xbox 360 and Original Xbox discs that are backward compatible with the Xbox Series.

On the other hand, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be region free in digital format; they will work in this respect the same as Xbox One, with free access to Xbox Store stores in other territories. To change the Microsoft Store country or region, simply access the system settings and go to Language and location, select Locations and, after changing, click Restart now.

Xbox has renewed its digital store, Xbox Store, this September, with a new interface and a language equipped with greater navigation facilities as well as speed. Everything prepared for the new generation.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will go on sale this November 10 at a recommended price of 499 euros and 299 euros, respectively. In this article we review all the differences between the two models so that you can know which console is best suited to your tastes or needs; Also, here we have all the confirmed launch games.

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