Xbox Series X pricing to be revealed “when we’re ready,”


Microsoft will release the price of the console with enough margin, says Phil Spencer’s team. The console will launch this November.

Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X pricing as soon as they are ready. The North American company, in new statements from its British marketing manager, Samuel Bateman, has sent a message to fans making it clear that currently is not the time to reveal the long-awaited figure: “We will let you know everything when we are ready.”

In response to a user on the social network Twitter, he also claims to understand that “everyone is excited to find out”, but the planning team of the company led by Phil Spencer is organizing the communication tasks for this last four-month period of the year.

Xbox Series X will go on sale in November 2020

If nothing changes, the little information we have regarding the launch leaves us with several highlights. The first, that Xbox Series X will be launched in November at an unknown price and on an equally undetermined day at this time. In fact, it is unknown if that launch will be simultaneous in the three main markets or if, on the contrary, some regions will receive the console later.

Microsoft was initially going to release Xbox Series X news in August, but the Xbox 20/20 plan was canceled to move some of those announcements to a later date, potentially compromising Spencer’s promise to open reservations. from the console this summer.

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