Xbox: Series X price may have leaked on sale


Although we are already very close to the launch of the new generation of consoles, with Microsoft itself having confirmed its plans to bring the Xbox Series X to market in November, it seems that the company still wants to take full advantage of the now old devices, by less than your most basic device.

According to the user’s publication Private Biscuit on Twitter, the American retailer Target has just added in its product system what appears to be a new version of the Xbox One S, listed as V2. No details about the device have been revealed, except for its storage, which will be 1TB. It is believed that the great differential of this model is the addition of the new Xbox Series X controller, already leaked in its sales box in brna color last week.

Parallel to this, a promotion carried out by the energy producer Monster Energy may have unintentionally revealed the final price of the Redmond giant’s next console. Held in celebration of the launch of Halo Infinite, now postponed until next year, the campaign would reward the first 200 winners with an Xbox Series X. In its rules, the company is required to list the total value of the awards distributed, with the number in this case reaching US $ 119,998.

If we perform a quick calculation, dividing the total amount by the winners, we arrive at what may be the official price of the device, salty US $ 599, or approximately R $ 3,283, without considering taxes. The value would be $ 100 higher than that charged by Xbox One X at its launch, something already speculated previously. Still, as Microsoft itself said, the values ​​may change, as a way to react to Sony’s moves with the PlayStation 5, even though it “feels good” with what was planned at the moment.

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