Xbox Series X: Ping Pong ball in the cooler is FALSE


An image published on Reddit by user SnowFlakesMilkHoney is hot on the social network and shows an Xbox Series X placed vertically with a Ping Pong ball floating in the console’s ventilation.

However, the information is FALSE and was denied by user Oriic, who published another image with the supposed technique to make the Ping Pong ball ‘float’ in the console’s ventilation. Check out:

The idea, of course, is that the air flow is sufficient to keep the ball floating. The functionality seemed interesting – or at least it would be if it were really true – but the fan’s operation is very quiet and without large air flows to cool the console (but it is still very well-cooled due to its engineering) .

After all, is it possible for a ping pong ball to be suspended in the air outlet of the Xbox Series X?

The answer to this question is: definitely not. The air expelled from the Xbox Series X is not fast enough to have a low enough pressure to make this possible. An example of this you can check below:

Although the cooling is extremely efficient in the new console from Microsoft, the air expelled is not enough to keep a suspended sentence, who had given a ball of Ping Pong.

The Series X was also the target of another fake news, which hinted that the device was overheating and smoking – but apparently it was a trick with an electronic cigarette.

Despite the comic tone of these untruths and the delicacy of being fake news, the two situations generated funny memes among the community of players.

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