Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer is not afraid of competition from the PS5


Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer is not afraid of competition from the PS5. For Phil Spencer, there is no doubt. The Xbox Series X has absolutely nothing to fear from its direct competitor, the famous PS5.

To the delight of players, the new generation of consoles will enter the market this year. Confident, Phil Spencer says the Xbox Series X is better than the PS5.

Between Sony and Microsoft , the battle has already begun. Which of the PS5, or the Xbox Series X , will appeal to the greatest number? The mystery remains.

If their consoles are not yet available for purchase, they are still talking about them a lot.

It must be said that everything opposes them, up to the marketing strategies put in place.

While the Japanese giant says very little about its product, Microsoft prefers to play the card of transparency .

From design to technical performance , players already know a lot about the Xbox Series X.

As for its competitor, the rumors are much more numerous than the official announcements.

To the delight of players, Sony has finally unveiled the technical specifications of the PS5 !

Present at the conference, the leader of Xbox Game Studio was then very confident.

In an interview with IGN, he said that the Xbox Series X had nothing to envy its Japanese competitor .

“When we saw the public presentation , I felt even better about the choices we were able to make on our platform.”

“I expected to find myself in this state. The hardware team that created the Xbox One X… I have a lot of confidence in it . ”

“If I give them the time and the target to reach, I simply believe in their ability to create.” For him, the observation is clear, the Xbox is therefore much better than the PS5.


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