Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer doesn’t forget Japan; “Vital” in their strategy


The manager, who has traveled to Japan on several occasions in recent years, believes it is necessary to recover the Japanese niche on the Xbox.

Xbox Series X is challenged to regain market share in Japan and add more Japanese-style video games to its catalog. Phil Spencer knows this and has spent two years trying to find new partners to bet on his works in the Xbox ecosystem. After those trips produced in 2019 and 2020 to the country of the Rising Sun to close agreements of this nature, the manager has now recognized that it is a component “of vital importance in our strategy”.

In a meeting with Jeux Video, the leader of the Microsoft video game department has assured that “our Xbox team in Japan is working very hard to strengthen those relationships,” he begins acknowledging. “We know that our players around the world are crying out for amazing games from the best creators on the planet. And we know that many of them choose Japanese developers. We want to be a platform of choice for those types of players. I am satisfied with our progress in recent years. ”

Xbox wants to take Japan back with deeds, not words

In this period, works like Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Hearts 3 or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice have not missed the appointment with Xbox, while the Xbox Games Pass service has been enriched in recent months with the confirmation of practically all the Final Fantasy series throughout 2020, the complete collection of Kingdom Hearts or sagas like Yakuza, available to players on its subscription-based video game platform.

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For the future, as far as we know, works like Tales of Arise, Elden Ring or Scarlet Nexus will also sport the green Xbox logo in stores soon, thus preventing them from being exclusive on other platforms. “We know that it is vitally important in our strategy to be able to make sure we have compelling Japanese developers and that they know that Xbox is a platform on which they can be successful,” he says.

This Thursday, July 23, Microsoft will broadcast its long-awaited Xbox Games Showcase, an hour-long broadcast where we will meet numerous titles for Xbox Series X from its internal studios. There is already a confirmed name: Halo: Infinite.


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