Xbox Series X is quieter and less hot than Xbox One X


A specialized medium compares with different tools how the new Microsoft console behaves compared to the previous Xbox One X.

The embargoes have ended: we can talk at length about Xbox Series X. From MeriStation, which we have been using the console for several days, we have offered you extensive coverage where we talk about performance, how fast the games load, how Quick behaves Summarizes and whether or not it is a very hot console. The short answer is that it gets as hot as other current consoles; the long answer is that it heats up less and is quieter than an Xbox One X, as the Tweakers medium has found.

This medium has used different tools to check how warm is Microsoft’s new high-end console with which they will start the generation this November. Let’s take a look at the examples after several gaming sessions, because the results show that the Xbox Series X fan will do its job with seemingly satisfactory results even with titles that require high processing power.

Red Dead Redemption 2 after 15 minutes of gameplay:

Xbox One X – 65 ° C
Xbox Series X – 48 ° C


Xbox One X Menu – 27 dB
Xbox Series X Menu – 24 dB
During a game on Xbox One X – 38 dB

During a game on Xbox Series X – 25 dB


Xbox One X in sleep mode – 43w
Xbox Series X in sleep mode – 28w
Xbox One X Menu – 52w
Xbox Series X Menu – 50w
During a game on Xbox One X – 180w
During a game on Xbox Series X – 128w

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